E10 crossword answers

E10 crossword shown with questions. A long description is available on this page under the heading, Crossword questions.

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Crossword answers


1. E10 is a [BLEND] of 90% unleaded petrol + 10% ethanol.

2. Sorghum and sugar cane are grown on this. [FARM]

3. E10 is a [LOWER] emission alternative to fossil fuels.

5. These types of mechanics recommend E10 for compatible engines. [EXPERT]

7. E10 fuel is suitable for petrol engines, not [DIESEL] engines.


1. Sustainably made from living matter, ethanol is classed as what type of fuel? [BIOFUEL]

4. The renewable energy ingredient in E10. [ETHANOL]

5. Over the past decade in Queensland, E10 has [EVOLVED].

6. A [TANKFUL] of E10 will most likely be cheaper than other unleaded petrol.

Is your vehicle E10 OK?

Most petrol vehicles built since 2000 are E10 compatible. If you're unsure about your vehicle, check it's E10 OK.